Tips to Avoid Injury

Action Netball like to ensure that everyone enjoys their season of netball and avoids injury. To help you try and avoid injury and keep you on the netball court we've got five tips to keep you in Action.

Tip 1 - Warm Up

We all know we should do it, but how many of us actually spend time stretching out before we throw ourselves head first into a game? Take 5 minutes to stretch out your calves, glutes, quads and ham strings. Rotate your ankles and wrists and pull your arms across your chest and down your back to loosen up your biceps and triceps.

Tip 2 - Footwear

When was the last time you replaced your trainers? Are they still suitable grip wise? Are they giving your ankles enough support? There are specific training shoes that you can get for playing netball, as discussed in this article - CLICK HERE

Tip 3 - Strap any reccuring injuries

How many of us have weak ankles from having rolled them during a game – most of us I'd say! If you need to, make sure you strap these up with a good quality support to help prevent it happening again!

Tip 4 - Got an injury, don't play

None of us like to let our team mates down but if you have a strain, playing can make it worse and leave you with an injury that will keep you off the court and unable to exercise for a significant amount of time - sometimes rest is the only way to go!

Tip 5 - Cool Down

As important as warming up . . .spend 5 minutes stretching out those muscles – you'll notice the difference the following day – less aches and strains, meaning you're good to go again!