Rules and Other Information

SPORTSMANSHIP - this is a social league and all players/umpires/management will be treated with respect.

CODE OF CONDUCT - an umpire may send off a player for foul language, dangerous play, deliberate breaking of the rules, or other inappropriate behaviour:

If a player's conduct give cause for concern the umpire should:
1 - Give the player a clear verbal warning

2 - If the offending continues, advance play

2 - If the offending still continues, stand the player down for three goals
3 - If the offending still continues, they will order the player* from the court for the rest of the game

* if the sent-off player is a centre, replace them with a player from another position already on the court


In extreme cases of abuse (physical or verbal) a player can be removed immediately

SOCIALISING - netball is a great way to meet new people and have lots of fun.  Additionally mid and end of season events will be formally organised, along with adhoc events.

WEATHER - please note that this is an outdoor league and that netball is generally a winter sport.  Therefore games will only be cancelled if it becomes unsafe to play.  Teams will be notified by 5pm if the decision to cancel is made.  Games will be rescheduled for another week.

RULES - Official Rules of The International Federation of Netball Associations apply regarding the game itself.  Game length is reduced to 40 minutes and a more social approach will be taken.  All safety rules must be adhered to (i.e. jewellery and fingernails (note gloves can be worn)).

MIXED - the mixed competition is a version of FastNet.  2 pointers can be scored from outside the circle.  The team that concedes the goal takes the centre pass. Each team chooses a quarter to power play (double points).  Also note there can only be 3 males on the court at one time, one in each third (i.e. one shooter, one defender, one midcourter).


FIRST AID - adequate first aid equipment will be provided and professional medical staff will be contacted immediately if the need arises.


FILL IN RULES - If a B grade team has an A grade player filling in for them they will incur a 2 point penalty per quarter (i.e. they will lose 8 points per game), and shooters must play out of position.  The same applies for B grade players filling in for the C grade.  It is the team's responsibility to inform the umpire.  Failure to do so will result in a forfeit (15-0 loss).  Teams who request fill ins, will be required to reciprocate and offer to fill in also.


FILL INS FOR SEMIS AND FINALS - all subs (i.e. players not registered with your team and have not played 3 or more games) will be allocated by Action Netball.  You cannot use your own subs.  Action Netball will allocate these based on whoever responds first (based on grade and position requested).  You are allowed a maximum of 3 fill ins (as per usual) and players in the A grade may not fill in for a B grade team, same for B grade players in the C grade.  It is the captains responsibility to ensure all players are registered.

FORFEIT - a team will forfeit their win (15-0) if they have less than 4 of their own players take the court, you may wait for your 4th member to arrive and lose 1 point per minute (up to a max of 1 quarter).  This may be a better option than finding a sub and forfeiting the game.  Also a game cannot start without 5 players per team, again the team in question will lose 1 point per minute until they can take the court (up to a max of 1 quarter).  To avoid disruptions management will arrange fill ins given sufficient notice.


POSTPONEMENTS/CANCELLATIONS - Netball may be called off due to extreme weather conditions.  Other situations may arise (that are out of Action Netball's control) that may lead to games being cancelled.  Where ever possible Action netball will re-schedule games, but in some instances this may not be possible.

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